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Alaska’s Most Unique Wildlife Tours (schedules below)

Your first day begins with an early morning departure from Anchorage’s municipal airport, Merrill Field, aboard fast and comfortable twin engine aircraft. This scenic flight takes you 500 miles, without crossing a road, fence or powerline, through Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks, then descends along the Bering Sea coast and Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge before touching down on the private wilderness runway at Wildman Lake Lodge. You arrive just in time for a delicious lunch, followed by a brief introduction and your first guided afternoon adventure on our home river. Brilliant wildflowers adorn the river banks where Alaska brown bear, wolves and bald eagles often feed on wild, spawning red salmon.

Wildman Lake Lodge is located at the headwaters of Alaska’s only true artesian sport fishing river (click here to learn about our sportfishing). This iconic wilderness outpost is home base for Alaska Walrus and Wildlife Tours and is your Alaska home during your stay.

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Guests enjoying Lodge Life at Wildman Lodge:

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At the conclusion of each fully-guided Wildlife Viewing day, Wildman’s “Muktuk Hour” begins at 6:00 pm in the Trapper’s Den. Hors d’oeurves, followed by a delicious dinner prepared by the lodge chef and professional kitchen staff. Evening activities in the Trapper’s Den may include a poetry reading from Robert Service, guitar music or a card game around the pub tables. You may wish to check your email on the lodge WiFi or enjoy a good book before retiring to your comfortable cabin to dream about the wildlife you will see the next day.

Each morning at Wildman begins with a knock at your cabin door, alerting you that a carafe of hot coffee has been delivered and that breakfast will be ready shortly in the dining room. We generate 24 hour electric power and produce plenty of hot water for a morning shower. During breakfast, our lodge’s lead pilot and head guide will share the weather forecast and announce the planned activities for the day.

Walrus I Package: Includes two all day excursions:

A Day with the Walrus: You will fly with our experienced bush pilots and guides, landing on the black sand Bering Sea beaches to spend the day viewing huge Pacific Walrus, up close & personal! For the more adventurous, our pilots can drop your party and our guide on a remote beach, for a 1/2 day hike to the walrus haul-out. This four mile hike takes you on an ancient bear trail, along the Bering Sea bluffs overlooking an incredible seabird rookery where we often see puffin, murr and always black-legged kittiwake. You will see a ground nest where bald eagles raise their young, often viewing young eaglets in the nest. This is a moderately strenuous trek but has been immensely enjoyed by guests of all ages.

A Day on the River: This exciting jet boat tour down Ocean River and along a Bering Sea intercoastal waterway to the headwaters of a secret spring-fed river, the spawning ground for thousands of sockeye salmon. This is a favorite fishing area for enormous Alaska brown bear. It often provides tremendous photo opportunities for not only brown bear, but also for wolves, bald eagles and fox. You will see hundreds of different bird species and often brown bear along the river. Our experienced river guides will prepare a delicious campfire salmon bake lunch and give you an opportunity to beachcomb along the black sand coastline of the Bering Sea where guests find many unique things, including rare and historic oriental glass fishing floats.

Upgrade your trip with a day of Helicopter assisted Wildlife Viewing

Raven II Package – 5 days/4 nights: Our Raven II Package includes all of the above, plus an unforgettable all day excursion, made possible by Wildman’s R-44 Raven II Helicopter, to visit even more remote brown bear and wildlife viewing locations. We have many places that simply cannot be reached by boat or fixed wing aircraft. Our Raven II Package promises to take you “beyond the wild!”

The Raven II Package departs from Anchorage on Wednesday mornings, and includes a Day on the River, a Day with the Walrus plus a fly out Day by Helicopter taking your party even deeper into wilderness country for wildlife opportunities. Raven II package will return to Anchorage on Sunday afternoon before 3:00 pm.

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On your departure day, you will have ample time to pack your gear, enjoy a hearty breakfast and perhaps enjoy a last glimpse of bears chasing spawning salmon in one of the most serene and wild places in Alaska, before your scenic flight back to Anchorage.

Our return flight generally arrives in Anchorage before 3:00 pm; however, we caution you not to make too tight of a connection for your flight home. It is wise to allow a couple of hours before boarding your flight from Ted Stevens International.

2022 Alaska Walrus & Wildlife Tours

Alaska’s Most Unique Wildlife Tours

WALRUS I4 Days & 3 Nights Sunday to Wednesday – $5,250.00 per person

Sun, July 10 to Wed, July 13, 2022

Sun, July 17 to Wed, July 20, 2022

Sun, July 24 to Wed, July 27, 2022

Sun, July 31 to Wed, Aug. 3, 2022

Sun, Aug. 7 to Wed, Aug. 10, 2022

Sun, Aug. 14, to Wed, Aug. 17, 2022

RAVEN II5 Days & 4 Nights – Wednesday to Sunday – $5,950.00 per person

Wed, Jul. 13 to Sun, Jul 17, 2022

Wed, Jul. 20 to Sun, Jul. 24, 2022

Wed, Jul. 27 to Sun, Jul. 31, 2022

Wed, Aug. 3 to Sun, Aug. 7, 2022

Wed, Aug. 10 to Sun, Aug. 14, 2022

Wed., Aug. 17 to Sun, Aug. 20, 2022

Advanced Reservation Required – Limited Openings
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