Walrus viewing tours  at Wildman Lodge operates several fixed wing and rotorwing aircraft.  Wildman is home to the best pilots on the Alaska Peninsula.  The Lodge aircraft maintenance standard is held above that of FAA regulation.  Our Certified A&P Mechanics and Inspectors  keep us and our machines safe.

Introducing our fleet: an IFR certified twin engine Piper Navajo Navajo Chieftain, an agile Cessna 185 Sky Wagon, classic De Havilland Beaver, two high performance Piper PA-18 Super Cubs equipped with “Tundra Tires” for rugged off airport landings and takeoffs… don’t forget the R-44II helicopter.

Our friends at “Lake Clark Air”, help carry passengers and supplies from Anchorage.  The role of our single engine fleet is to safely transport guests and guides between the lodge and our remote fly-out fishing and wildlife viewing destinations.  The De Havilland Beaver is accompanied on these fly out excursions by the 185 Cessna Sky Wagon or one of our Piper Super Cubs.  In our remote part of Alaska, redundancy will assure you of a safe and unforgettable Walrus viewing tours with us in the wilds of Alaska!

walrus viewing tours

Alaska Walrus Viewing Tours Lead Pilot

Our Lead Pilot and Lodge Owner is Gary “Butch” King.  He has been flying in Alaska for more than 40 years.  Butch has extensive experience in the Alaska bush and is also our meteorologist.  Butch studies weather patterns and forecasts to announce each day’s plans during breakfast. In the evenings he often entertains guests with pioneer stories of his Arctic adventures.  There is nothing is more Alaskan than “Butch time” after a great day of Walrus viewing tours in Alaska.


walrus viewing tours in Alaska

Our Lodge is equipped with seven Lowe Jet boats maintained by our experienced boat captains. Guide staff team together to perform a meticulous maintenance program. You can simply sit back and relax as our staff confidently navigate our rivers and delivers you to our finest fishing locations.

Whether you are headed down river in search of wildlife or on an Alaska Walrus viewing tour, our equipment will get you there and back safely.

THE BEAVER, Pride of the Walrus Viewing Tours Fleet

Alaska walrus viewing tours

Totally restored in 2017, our 1957 Beaver is the Ultimate Walrus viewing tours machine

Our 1957 De Havilland Beaver on large “Tundra Tires” has been the primary  Wildman Wilderness Lodge workhorse.  This iconic airplane was salvaged off a site 180 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  In 1989 Butch and his brother Mike recovered the fuselage.  After undergoing a complete restoration the Beaver joined the Wildman fleet in 1996.  It has been the backbone for work and  is responsible for delivering all of the materials and supplies that made our lodge possible.  For years Butch has flown guests to his favorite Alaska Walrus viewing and fishing locations with the Beaver.  In 2017, the Beaver went through its second restoration and engine installation.  She now sports a red and white Wildman paint scheme and matching interior.

Generally, the De Havilland Beaver is accompanied on these fly out excursions by the 185 Cessna Sky Wagon or one of our Piper Supers. Butch believes in redundancy and safety in numbers when it comes to aviation in the Alaska bush. That way, always have a ride home.

After a Walrus Viewing Tour –  wet a line…

Also available is our complete line of spinning rods and reels. Our lineup of light, medium and heavy weight rods has you covered for all species. You will catch more fish in an hour behind then lodge, than you will in a week in most places.  We are sure to have what you need in “Kate’s Tackle & Fly Shop”; our pint size gift shop here at the lodge.