Gary “Butch” & Kathy King – Proprietors

Life-time Alaskans, Butch and Kathy, shared the responsibility of operating Wildman Lodge on the remote Alaska Peninsula, where you will find them entertaining guests during the spring, summer and fall.

Gary “Butch” King is a licensed Alaska Master Guide and has been guiding outdoorsmen on the Alaska Peninsula since 1971. As a veteran bush pilot with over 12,500 accident free hours flying single and multi-engine aircraft in Alaska. Butch is rated to fly floats, wheels or skis in visual or instrument flight conditions. He is also certified in helicopters and gliders and is an FAA licensed Airframe and Engine Mechanic. Butch starting his career as a camp boy at the Wrangell Mountain Lodge in 1966. During the past six decades, he has flown, hiked, hunted and fished all parts of Alaska, from the Arctic to the Aleutians.

Kathy was born in Fairbanks and raised in Anchorage. Her interest in the outdoors and in people led her to her earning Bachelor of Science degrees in both Biology and Nursing from the University of Alaska in Anchorage. In 1996, Kathy left he job as a Register Nurse to join Butch in the lodge and outfitting business. They decided that the front door would split their duties. Butch managed the outdoors and Kathy managed the indoors, including; Guest Services, managing the kitchen, doing the baking and assisting the chef. Today, She has a watchful eye on Wildman’s professional kitchen and hospitality staff, but her main duties include: guest reservations, ordering supplies and weekly fresh food deliveries, book keeping. Today, with a full professional staff, she has more time to enjoy conversations with guests and ensure that all their needs are met by our competent staff.

Providing top notch accommodations, incredible meals and unparalleled outdoor adventures, Butch and Kathy would like to welcome you to Wildman Lodge, to enjoy the real Alaska, just as it was when their families first came to Alaska in the 1930’s and 40’s. When asked what they enjoy the most about owning and operating Wildman, they both agree: “We truly enjoy showing our guests this very special part of Alaska that still remains an untouched wilderness where the fish and wildlife are as prolific as they were when we grew up here in the Last Frontier.”